Yard Service Invoice

Lawns are the favorite place for most of the people to spend time reading, having tea, or even relaxing. Planting beautiful flowers and taking care of the green grass can make your garden the most beautiful place in your house. People have become very conscious about maintaining their homes. Even the neglected areas like the lawn, are given a lot of importance now.

Lawn services can be availed for the commercial gardens as well as consumer households. The lawn services require a lot of keen effort from the labor whereas, the overheads are always low in this business. Yard services can include a variety of services such as lawn mowing, planting seeds & grass, cutting and watering new plants, adding fertilizers.

The hourly rate can be decided and mentioned on the invoice. The invoice should include the charges for all the services provided separately.


The service providers normally set a base price, that they can advertise but the actual price is always based on a reasonably reliable estimate. Lawn professionals recommend an hourly rate for the employees for their work. Estimating the cost of the goods used can be relatively easy. Adding an hourly rate to that estimate can help create an invoice.

If a person hires any company to mow the yard or lawn outside the house, he will be presented with an invoice which will have a detailed view of what work has been done by the yard service providing company on what rate and what you owe them. A good yard service invoice must contain a few required particulars to be mentioned that are as follows.

The invoice must start with the name and logo of the yard service provider properly mentioned above, along with the other contact details. Then, the date on which invoice is issued and other details like invoice number must be mentioned properly and where they are easily visible.

A column should be made in which every expense and every work performed must be mentioned in detail. Another column should state the prices of these expenses or the rate of each work performed. This will make sure that the person hired the yard service providers can view details of what has been done.

The amount to be paid by the hiring party must be mentioned at the bottom of the invoice in both, numbers and words. This is to avoid any misunderstanding. Any account payable or receivable must be set off here at the bottom after mentioning it correctly.

The invoice must be kept safe in the records of both parties to avoid any confusion in the later future. The terms & conditions and any scope of the work should be mentioned on the invoice. Credit and payment terms should also be included in the invoice.

A lawn invoice includes:

  • Company name and details
  • Customer details
  • Frequency of service such as weekly or monthly
  • Services offered such as lawn mowing, fertilizing
  • Description of the materials used
  • Labor rate per hour
  • Equipment charge
  • Taxes
  • Mode of payment
  • Scope of work


Yard Service Invoice

Yard Service Invoice Template

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