Trash Removal Invoice

Throwing litter around houses or publically is a very common problem with a lot of societies. Indeed it is a much-uncivilized habit and has a lot of disadvantages. Litter can be generated from household wastes, construction sites, factories, and other places.

Littering impacts the social, economic as well as a healthy environment. The government spends a huge sum of money to collect rubbish and to dispose of them in an acceptable way. This money can be used for more useful and important causes. Litter not only affects humans, but it also affects the lives of animals, birds, and underwater sea life. Litter is also harmful to plants growing in our environment.

In popular boroughs, littering has also been seen to be a cause of robbery and crimes. Tons of litter has been dumped in oceans every year, which endangers the life of underwater animals. People are lazy enough to dump their garbage in a proper way. We might not take it seriously, but littering our own society can have devastating effects. Litter can affect the water quality as the hazardous chemicals in a litter can enter the soil and become a reason for groundwater pollution.


Litter can carry germs, bacteria, and viruses, which can affect the crops as well. Boroughs have set up arrangements for collecting and recycling litter in an effective way. The trash trucks visit once or twice in a week to collect the litter, and they have to be paid for their services.

This invoice is used by the company that removes the trash and junk from the street. The invoice is helpful for them to keep a record of who removed what and from where so that they can be paid accordingly and rightly on time. The invoice notes the quantity of junk removed, time when it was removed, unit item, and price that are to be paid to them. The invoice must contain a few required spaced to be authentic and they are as follows.

Starting with the name and logo of the company responsible for the removal of junk or trash in the streets, the proper invoice must mention the invoice date and number correctly. After these details are properly mentioned, a few columns are to be drawn out. Each column describing the quantity of junk removed, units, and the details. Details may include the street number and type of trash removed. At the end of the invoice total amount to be paid by the person who received the services for the whole month should be mentioned.

The amount payable should be mentioned with and without the net adjustments like any account payable or receivable or any discount made. These adjustments must be mentioned properly to clear out what and how are they made. To make the invoice more reliable and certain, the payment must be divided into its component parts to keep it clear.

A trash removal invoice includes:

  • Company details
  • Customer details such as the address
  • Litter/trash collection policy
  • Terms & conditions of packing the litter
  • Description of the services provided
  • Monthly charges
  • Taxes applicable
  • Mode of payment
  • Due date of payment


Trash Removal Invoice

Trash Removal Invoice Template

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