T-Shirt Invoice Template

If you have a t-shirt business, there are many things to consider. No doubt you will be looking for customers. It is necessary to be able to properly handle any order so that no customer is dissatisfied. There will need to document that will help you with any transactions. This is where a t-shirt invoice comes in.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is an important document for any business. It is a list of all goods sent or the services given. It will have the total sum due to all these at the end. It is a payment request that may be for a single or for multiple custom shirts that were ordered or even delivered. An invoice is a helpful way to aid customers and the business as well, to know of any transactions.

Importance of an invoice for a t-shirt business

An invoice for any business including a t-shirt one needs to be created carefully as this is proof of any transaction. The owner of the business will need to know about any services and goods sold. This can be done with the invoice. If any issue arises, later on, the invoice can be shown stating that the customer paid or did not pay for the goods. The invoice can be kept as a record if required later on.


Tips for creating an invoice for a t-shirt business

If you need to make a good invoice for a t-shirt business, then you should remember to add all the necessary details. It must be simple, and the following tips can be kept in mind:

  1. Add only necessary details: You need to consider who your business deals with. The invoice may be employed when the company needs to print logos or can be simply used to sell t-shirts. Companies that want to ship the product to customers need to have a space on the invoice that will have the recipient’s delivery information. The product can be exchanged in person. In this case, the provider will not have an area for shipping details.
  2. Required information: Some points are needed in any invoice. A heading can be given for the invoice. The company name can be given at the beginning. The address, phone, email, etc. of the company must be provided. You need to add the invoice number as this is proof for the owner that no invoice was used twice. The date also should be stated.
  3. Customer information: Another necessary part of the invoice is the customer’s information. This will have their name, address, phone number.
  4. Simple to fill the table: Whoever is filling in the invoice needs to be able to do it easily. A table can be created that has clear columns. The columns will include the description, quantity, price per unit, and total amount of the t-shirts. The subtotal, discount, tax, and total, needs to be present as well. There can be an area for when payment needs to be submitted till.

The transaction part of any business is important. This needs to be recorded carefully and can be done with the help of a simple invoice.

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