Subcontractor Invoice

A subcontractor invoice is mainly used by contractors who are hired to provide services via a limited company or other contractors to work on various tasks. If a subcontractor wants to be paid timely and for what services he has rendered, he must go for the invoice system.

This invoice will help the subcontractor to keep a good record of what has been done and what he should be paid for. This invoice is a helpful tool as a whole. A good subcontractor invoice must contain a few mandatory things to be presented on it so that it can form a good and reasonable invoice.

The name and logo of the company must be mentioned clearly on the top of the invoice. Other contract details like the date on which invoice is issued and invoice number are also to be mentioned clearly and carefully. These details play an important role in audit and other accounting procedures.


Details of expenses made and work done by the labor must be mentioned in detail in each column that is drawn out for this purpose. This column gives a brief view to the contractor about how much and what work has been completed by the labor so far. Another column describing the rates or price of each work performed should be drawn next to the first column. The amount to be paid by the hiring party should be mentioned at the bottom of these columns. Account payable or other adjustments made should be clearly mentioned to be certain about the payment. See the following sample of invoices [for personal use].


Subcontractor invoice

Subcontractor Invoice Template

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