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Housing has been a problem for every government around the globe. To provide more people with affordable housing facilities, the houses are kept small to accommodate more people. With small houses, comes a problem to maintain them. So, people get the help of storage units to keep their extra but useful stuff. Not only for consumer use, are storage units also used for commercial storage purposes.

With the increasing need of storage units, the storage units’ providers have become very useful. Storage units can be useful for keeping all your valuables or not so needed stuff safe. Some people move out of their apartments when they get married, to get a better apartment. Job relocations are also a reason to move out to new places. In such situations, moving all your household stuff becomes a challenge. Storage units can be used temporarily to store all the items which cannot be carried along.

The storage space is not very expensive. The storage units can be rented on monthly basis. The more the storage units occupied, the more the rent tenure, the cheaper is the rent for that space. Some people are obsessed with hoarding furniture or electrical appliances. But keeping them in a house makes it very untidy. Such goods can be kept safe in the storage units.


Storage invoice is a document presented by the storekeeper to the company or person who uses the store to keep their particular things store inside. This storage helps the company or an individual to keep the fragile things safe in a harsh climate or to store the, away from their own less space storage room, until the purchaser takes their order off. This invoice will be presented by the storekeeper after checking all the packages stored to the company or individual so that it works as a prove of what is stored inside the storage room. The storage invoice must contain a few required particulars that are as follows.

The invoice must contain the name and the logo of the company that is maintaining or own the storage. This name and logo should be followed by complete contact details like address and phone number of the company or the person owning this. Then there should be the date on which the invoice is issued along with the invoice number and the estimated date until which the store will be emptied by the party. There should also be complete details of the party renting it, the details like complete name of the company or individual along with the authentic contact details. There should be a column describing all the storage packages in detail that what exactly are they. Another column mentioning the quantity they are in and another about the package size in dimensions. The total amount to be paid by the renting party must be mentioned both in numbers and words to avoid any misunderstanding.


Storage invoice

Storage Invoice Template

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