Stationery Invoice Template

If you decide to open a stationery shop, there are some points to keep in mind if you want it to run successfully. You will need to have a strategy to attract customers towards your store instead of them going to the competition. You do not want to make anything confusing for customers especially when it comes to payment. This is where a simple stationery invoice can help out.

What is a stationery invoice?

A stationery invoice is a list of stationery goods provided by a store and the total amount due to these. The customer will need to pay this amount. This invoice must be designed so that it is simple to read and understand by all.

Importance of a stationery invoice:

Any business including a stationery one needs to have a record of all transactions done. This may be needed for tax purposes later on, or the owner of the business may want to have a look at this. A stationery invoice is therefore helpful. It is also useful to a customer as they have a receipt of how much they paid. They can keep it as a record to see where they spent money during the month for instance.


Tips to create a stationery invoice

When wanting to create a stationery invoice, a good template can make one’s work easier. With the help of this, important points will not be left out. The design of the invoice and details are important. Keeping this in mind, the following points can help out when creating a stationery invoice:

  1. Keep it simple: You do not need to make a detailed invoice that is tough to understand. Customers and the staff will not like this. It is better to make a simple one that is easy to fill in and can also be comprehended by all types of customers. For this, you should only add the necessary information. You can include a fun image especially if you are selling stationery to kids.
  2. Points to include: Some points should be included in the stationery invoice. Have a heading so that when customers consult their invoices, they know that this is a stationery invoice. Include the date that the interaction occurred. The contact details of the business need to be given including the address, phone number, email, etc. Likewise, the contact details of the customer should be provided also. There should be an invoice number so that no fraud occurs.
  3. Create an understandable table: For any invoice, a table is helpful. However, this should be one that is easy to read and fill in. Important columns include one for description, describing the product, the cost of the product, how many were brought, and total cost. Have enough rows so that all transactions by one customer can be on one invoice. The total cost, tax, and final total cost need to be stated as well. If there are special instructions make these readable. This includes how much time the customer must pay the bill.

When thinking of opening a stationery business, focus on making a good invoice that can be kept as a record.

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