Service Invoice with Deposit Deduction

Service invoice with the deposit deduction is a typical service invoice that shows the details about services rendered and the prices that follow, but it is a simpler way to have the calculated amount as a record. Sometimes part payment is deposited before the project is ordered. This invoice help maintaining the record of the account payable and receivable details and allows the user to pay the correct amount.

The invoice must contain a few details to be authentic and useful. The invoice must present the name and logo of the company providing services along with the contact details. Another thing that must be presented on the face of this invoice is the details of the company or individual receiving the services. The details must include the full name and contact details. The numeric must be presented wisely on the top where they are easily readable, numeric include, the date on which the invoice is issued and the invoice number as well.

The amount to be paid by service receiver must be mentioned in words and in numbers to avoid any misunderstanding. Furthermore, the amount totaled must be adjusted with the deposit deductions made. The amounts must be mentioned before deposit deduction and after deposit, deduction to keep a good record, and to avoid any misunderstanding.


The copy of invoices must be given to each party and it must be kept safe in the records for proper audit purposes and to avoid confusion.


Service invoice with deposit deduction

Service Invoice with Deposit Deduction Template

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