Sales Invoice with Stock Number

A sales invoice can be simply described as the demand for payment by the client for products marketed or services offered by the supplier. An invoice generally details the outline and the amount of the product marketed or service offered. The papers are also a record of the sale for both the supplier and the client.

Some companies opt to offer their customers a price reduction for paying their invoice in a specified period of time. The conditions are described in this format: 2/10, Net 30. This example indicates that the owner is providing the client a 2 % lower price if the invoice is compensated within 10 days; if the invoice is not compensated in that period; the balance is due within 30 times with no 2 % lower prices.

Sales invoices are an important device for the cost management component of financial bookkeeping because they provide you with information about how much income you can expect coming in during future times. If the sales invoice counts up to an amazing amount, it is affordable for your business to plan major stock buys or investment developments, because it is likely that you will soon get income from this overdue invoice to pay for these expenses.


Multiple Stocks Nos. in One Line in Invoice

This add-on helps the user to print Multiple Stocks Nos. in One Line in Invoice of each Product in One Line in Sales Invoice and Distribution Observe. This Add-On is correct to them who are using only the Group Number function of Count without Allowing Mfg. The time frame and Expiration Time frame. It does not print each Group Amount independently.


Sales invoice with stock number

Sales Invoice with Stock Number Template

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