Sales Invoice Template

A sales invoice is an invoice that is presented by any company, shop, or any other such institution while selling the product or service. This is to keep a record of what has been sold and on what prices they have been sold to the customers. This invoice helps the institution in determining their stock while helps the customer in knowing what has he purchased and what amount has he paid for the purchases. This is a useful document for both parties.

The basic purpose of any sales invoice is to keep track of all the sales of a business. It makes it easy to understand what was sold, when did the transaction take place, how much money was owed, and how much is still outstanding. A sales invoice can tell a lot about the employees involved in the sales cycle about their performance.

Businesses have to pay taxes on the profits they earn. A sales invoice can be a good measure to calculate the tax payable on the revenues and sales. Invoices are also proof of a transaction that can be used against any lawsuit or defend oneself in the court. A signed invoice is proof of a contractual agreement between the vendor and the customer.

  • A sales invoice makes sure that the customers are billed for the actual purchases they made. It avoids the chances of any ambiguities and makes the sales & purchase cycle run more efficiently and effectively. Product description and a correct invoice make it easy for the customer to come back for future purchases.
  • A sales invoice can also be useful when the goods turn out to be faulty and they need to be replaced. A sales invoice can be helpful when the goods have to replace or a refund has to be made.

The invoice must show the name and logo of the company presenting the sale invoice. The date on which the sale has been made, invoice number, and other such numerical must be written well and properly on the invoice where it can be seen easily. 

A column should be made in which the details of transactions like the items which have been sold by the company should be displayed with proper names, another column identifying the quantity of that item purchased, and another showing the price the company offers of that item.

Then there should be a column that indicates the total amount of each item that is payable by the customer. When all the column is done, the amount payable should be written properly at the end of the invoice firstly without any net adjustments like a discount, etc. and then after making the adjustments.

The invoice should be given to the customer, however; a copy should remain with the company as well to keep a good record of sales.

A sales invoice includes:

  • Company name with the details of the company
  • Customer details
  • Invoice number
  • Customer ID
  • Details of the salesperson
  • Description of the items purchased
  • Quantity of the items purchased
  • The unit price of the items
  • Tax rate applicable
  • Terms of payment
  • Mode of payment

For: EXCEL(.xls) 2003 & later [Android+iOS] & iPad Size 48 Kb | Download

For: EXCEL(.xls) 2003 & later [Android+iOS] & iPad Size 48 Kb | Download

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