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We have so many appliances in our households and offices such as cooking appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, printers, etc. Every electronic device has a limited useful life. And after some use or negligent use, every machine needs some repair or maintenance.

Besides electronics, repairs are also needed for furniture and household products. A layman cannot fix such things and professionals need to be hired for fixing these things. If the devices are inspected regularly and repaired timely, they perform better, and their useful life increases. Repairs help increase the productivity of the work and avoid any waste of time. Replacing a new machine is far more costly than repairing it at regular intervals.

Repairing devices might also require using some other spare parts. These expenses need to be reimbursed and an invoice can be used for that. Repairs can be done when anything breaks down. For commercial purposes, repairs can be performed on a contractual basis. Companies provide repair services by agreeing to a contract. The repair professionals visit on a regular basis to review the performance of the devices.


Repair invoices are the documents that give complete details about the repair services you have ever received from a particular service provider or the particular equipment or asset. This invoice can be made for vehicle repair or computer repairs etc.

The core purpose of this invoice is to keep a record of your visits and the services you have received or is proof of all the services a particular thing has ever received. A good repair invoice must include the following details.

The invoice must include the name and logo of the service provider along with its contact details like the address and contact number. It must also include the details of the vehicle, equipment, asset, or thing that has received the service. Another column should be drawn out to show off all the details about the services that have been given to the vehicle or equipment or anything.

These details about services will help both the parties to understand the services in a better way. This may also help to avoid certain misunderstandings.

The invoice must show complete information about the rates and charges the service provider charges for the particular service and then a column should show the total amount that the service receiver has to pay. This total amount must be properly written both in numbers and words, to avoid misunderstandings. There should also be the details of the service provider person for better trust and confidence on this invoice.

The invoice must be placed in the records of both the parties for a real goal to be achieved.

A repair invoice includes:

  • Company name and address
  • Company contacts details including the phone number and the email address
  • Name of the device for repair
  • Type of service required for the repair
  • Description of the service provided
  • Any additional instructions for the repair
  • Any additional parts use for repair
  • Quantity of the parts purchased
  • Price of the parts
  • Total labor cost
  • Supplies used for repairs
  • Tax applicable
  • Mode of payment
  • The due date for payment


Repair Invoice template

Repair Invoice Template

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