Rental Billing Statement

The rates of properties have been on a rise globally, which is becoming a problem for the people who cannot afford a house. Some people, even having enough money to buy a house, prefer to live in rented houses. Having your own home and renting a home can have their own goods and bad.

One of the biggest benefits of renting a house is that you do not have to worry about any maintenance cost. The owner of the house is always responsible for any wear & tear and the maintenance bills. Renovation cost can be quite expensive but a tenant is always free of this pressure.

Another benefit of renting a house is that the tenant does not need to pay the real estate taxes. Real estate taxes are a real expense for the owners of the house. Every country has a different tax rate but whatever the rate be, real estate tax rates are always very high.


When you buy your own house, you have to pay a big chunk of a sum as the down payment. Tenants have to pay some security amount before they get settled in the house but that amount is relatively less than the down payment.

Tenants pay a fixed rent for the tenure of the lease agreement. The owner cannot increase the rent before the tenure elapses. This provides the tenant a good opportunity to budget his spending and finances.

Rental billing statement may also know as rent receipt is a documented proof that shows all the rental related payments. This invoice is good for both the parties as no misunderstanding can occur when all the records are documented on this invoice. This invoice is not compulsory in any state, but people see it as a wise decision to draft this invoice and avoid all the problems that may come up without this document.

A genuine and authentic rental billing statement should include the date of payment and the address of the apartment, shop, hall, house or whatever the rent is paid for. The invoice must also contain all the details of both the parties and their representatives, details like their names and contact numbers. The logo and stamp of landlord or tenant if any of them is anything but individual than along with their signs and details must enclose. The most important detail that no invoice should skip is the amount of rental payment made by the tenant. This amount should be written in both, numbers and words to be more specific about illegibility. It may also include small details like utilities, any advance adjustment or any other such adjustments should be mentioned properly.

A good rental billing statement may include all the mode of payment like cheque, cash or other modes along with any balance payment if part payment was made. The details of received by and paid by should also be mentioned with the signs of the persons.

A rental billing invoice will include:

  • Date of rent payment
  • Address of the rented property
  • Tenants contact information
  • Landlords contact information
  • Amount owed
  • Mode of payment
  • Any balance due for previous payments


Rental Billing Statement

Rental Billing Statement Template

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