Reimbursement invoice

Reimbursement invoice is any invoice used by employers or any service provider to their employees as an assurance of reimbursement of the expenses they have done on behalf of the company or the person himself. The invoice usually allows the employees to ask for reimbursement for general business-related expenses.

During the course of services, an employee may incur some expenses on behalf of the employer or the client. In such cases, it becomes necessary to claim the amount spends. Every company provides its employees the timeline and the proper way to claim for the expenses they incur personally.

The expenses incurred by the employee should be related to their employment and service. Personal expenses cannot be claimed or recovered. Most of the companies require proof of the expense made for reimbursement. Attaching the receipts of some travel can be attached to claim as a travel expense.


The reimbursement invoice actually summarizes the details of expenses made, for example, transportation, meals, stay, etc. Apart from defining the item and expense, the nature and reason of the expenditure must also be detailed in a column. This makes sure that the expense which is being asked to be reimbursed is genuine and logical. Any taxes paid must also be noted in the next column and the number of employees that enjoyed the perks of this expense is to be mentioned.

The invoice must include employer’s details like company name and logo, his name and designation along with the date on which this invoice was issued.

The invoice must contain all the specific details about the expense that were incurred by the particular person in the course of business. The correct receipts of those expenses must be attached with and references should be made on the face of the invoice. The total amount that needs to be paid by the company or employer should be written properly and in a way that it is easily readable. It is more appropriate to write the amount in numbers and words too. Do not forget to sign the invoice; a real and genuine invoice must contain signs of both the parties.

The employee will not receive his reimbursement until the invoice has been approved by a senior official. The dates matter a lot in a reimbursement invoice as they trace down when was the expense incurred actually. If an employee traveling for work purposes, he should provide all the travel details along with the proof of travel such as the ticket, hotel stay, and food receipts. It helps to build a case for the employee and makes reimbursement easy.

An employee might be making purchases on behalf of the company or a client. Reimbursement will be claimed for any purchase cost as well as any taxes paid.

A reimbursement invoice will include the following:

  • Company details such as an address, telephone number, email address
  • Employee details
  • Date submitted
  • Approval signatures
  • Purchase of expense
  • Expense details such as the description
  • Description of any purchase made
  • Amount of the purchase
  • Proof of purchase/expense
  • Terms & conditions of reimbursement
  • Scope of reimbursement


Reimbursement Invoice

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