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Who doesn’t know about the photography industry? The leading and most loved job out of any other and assumed to be chosen by the people of great skills and passion. When we talk about any industry and business, we also talk about transactions in a hidden way. Where come transactions, comes a greater responsibility on invoices. A good invoice can do wonders in your business. Let us give you some information regarding a good invoice.

Be very particular about adding date, invoice number, company’s name, address, contact details, and logo on top of the invoice. Craft up a few columns for description where you should write the type of the photography package or type of pictures decided, another column describing the number of pictures captured, one other for mentioning the amount per picture you charge according to the type client selected, and the last one totaling the amount to be paid by the customer according to the rate list and the quantity he has asked for.

At the end of the invoice, write the amount total add in any tax to be paid, net any previous balance remaining, and lessen any discount paid. After all, these additions and deductions, total the amount again and write the new amount to be received by you and paid by the customer.


Photography invoice can vary in many ways from one invoice to another, but the basics are what we have told you, don’t wander away from these basics and you will do well.


Photography Invoice template

Photography Invoice Template

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