Parts and Labor Invoice

Every machine is made up of different parts. And every part individually needs maintenance. Machines are a combination of complicated parts put together to perform a function. If one part gets damaged, the performance of the machine as a whole gets affected.

Some jobs require repairing machines which include not only repairing the machine but also installing or fixing parts of that machine. When a car breaks down, it usually breaks down due to some faulty parts. Not every person is skilled enough to fix machines. Only a trained professional can do that.

A company can provide the services of labor, who will charge for the service they provide, and also for any additional part they installed or fixed. An invoice is the most important component of any business. An invoice makes it convenient for both the parties to understand the components on which the payment is based.


The invoice will include the details of the company such as the name, address, email address, and any telephone numbers. It will also include the contact details of the employee working on a particular job.

The client details will also be a part of the invoice. The invoice will be segregated into two different sections between the labor and parts. The ‘parts’ section will include all the parts used during the work. This is for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the labor. And it will also make the tax calculation easy.

  • The labor section will include the details of the work done by labor. The labor can be paid on an hourly rate or on a contract basis. Any additional notes can be mentioned on the invoice as well.
  • The terms & conditions and scope of the work can be defined on the invoice. The payment terms will also be mentioned on the invoice.

A part-and-labor invoice is used to keep track of the services provided by the labor and the description of all the parts of the machinery. If you are worried about creating an invoice for entering the details related to the labor work or anything which is related to the parts of the machinery, then nowhere is good news for you. You can get a readymade invoice for yourself. The main components of this invoice are given below:

  • The charges to be paid to the labor
  • The cost of the spare parts
  • The details and description of each spare part
  • The cost of all those parts which have been used
  • The date at which the invoice is being created.
  • Registration number of the invoice
  • The name of the business

At the end of the invoice, the subtotal is calculated. It is the amount which the person will have to pay. You can also add the information about the taxes which are being imposed on the payment. If any spare part has been damaged and now you have replaced it, then don’t forget to mention the new price of the spare part in the invoice.

The parts and labor invoice is a very important document that is used to keep track of all the details related to the parts of the machinery. There are different types of formats that are being used by different companies. You can get different formats from the internet and can customize it according to your own needs.


Parts and Labor Invoice

Parts and Labor Invoice Template

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