Notary Invoice

A notary is a person who is responsible, for taking care of legal matters, like signing a document, etc. He is appointed as a witness, as people sign the contracts or important legal papers. They check identifications, signatures, and oaths yet, they cannot give advice. For being a witness in someone’s matter, they are paid their fee.

To keep the details of fees and other expenses, in the form of proper documents, a notary invoice is used. This invoice is important for both parties, as it gives details of all the expenses incurred along with the fee. The invoice should be kept safe to avoid any misunderstanding at a later time.

Notary invoices can be designed on the excel sheet or can be made on your own. The important things to consider include, date, company’s name, or your name on the top. The invoice number should be visibly written on the top of the invoice so that proper records can be maintained. Clearly mention the details and name of the person appointing the witness.


Make columns, write complete description of all the expenses incurred, and the fee, that was decided at the start. Make sure, you mention yours and the client’s contact, and all the expense details. A total of these expenses and taxes should be mentioned. Make another field in which, the client and the witness can sign, which makes it clear that both the parties agree to the descriptions, details, and the expenses mentioned above.


Notary invoice

Notary Services Invoice Template

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