Medical Invoice

A medical invoice is used by medical specialists, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and other institutes providing the health care to people. When a patient avails their services, then these medical institutes prepare a medical invoice which is given to the patient to let him know the money which has been charged to him against the services given to him.

A medical invoice can be simple and complicated depending upon your needs and requirements. You can get the invoice from the internet which you can customize according to your needs, however, if you don’t like any of the invoices available on the internet, then you can design the invoice for yourself which will be based completely on your personal needs.

The invoice is usually prepared in MS excel format. This invoice is not made only to give the information about the bill which the patient has to pay but it also includes other information such as insurance Reimbursement, insurance contract adjust, balance, etc.


The payment type and the method of the payment should also be specified in the invoice. The date on which the invoice is being issued to the patient is also an important factor to be included in the invoice. If you have any terms and conditions related to the payment, then they also are mentioned in the invoice. A separate field should be kept aside for the signatures of both the medical specialist and the patient.

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