Locksmith Invoice

A locksmith is an individual who repairs or makes the locks. Nowadays, some companies or entities are also providing this service. Whoever provides the service of the repair or making of locks, they need the clients to pay them on time and through proper channels.

As the name suggests, this invoice is used by the locksmiths when the work is completed and the client is to pay money against that certain work.

Typically the invoice involves all the details of work completed, any product sold and for sure all the prices the service provider is charging for the work completed. One of the main purposes of this invoice is that both the parties get a clear idea of all the works done and the prices charged accordingly. Apart from that, this invoice which works as a bill as well can prove to be a very useful document for filing and tax purposes.


A typical or common locksmith invoice template includes the name of the company or the entity that provides this service, the communication address, and other contact information. Other than that, the name and contact information of the person to whom this invoice is addressed to must also be mentioned.

The invoice is not complete until the description of all the work performed should also be included and the price of each of the performed works must also be included. As it is said earlier that this invoice works as a bill as well, for this purpose, the total cost to be paid by the customer is calculated at the end of the invoice after the appropriate tax adjustments. For making sure that the client pays the calculated amount within the time limit, payment instructions may also be added at the end.

By using pre-drafted templates, the company can make sure that all the invoices follow the same set pattern or layout, and all the needed items are included in it. It is a fast, convenient, and efficient way of giving out accurate invoices. The template can be electronically made which can save time and a lot of effort.


Locksmith Invoice Template for Excel

Locksmith Invoice Template

For: EXCEL(.xls) 2003 & later [Android+iOS] & iPad
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