Lawn Care Invoice

Most people love spending their free time in their gardens. Planting beautiful flowers and taking care of the growing grass can make your garden the most beautiful place in your house. It is not very old when the gardening and landscaping business became very famous and profiting.

Garden services can be availed for the commercial gardens as well as consumer households. The gardening services require a lot of keen effort from the labor whereas; the overheads are always low in this business. Gardening services can include a variety of services such as lawn mowing, chemical application, exterior maintenance, installation, design, or building garden items and scraping interiors.

These services are provided on a contractual as well as part-time basis. The basis of the contract can be mentioned on the invoice. If the services are provided on a part-time basis, the hourly rate can be decided and mentioned on the invoice. The invoice should include the charges for all the services provided separately.


The service providers normally set a base price, that they can advertise but the actual price is always based on a reasonably reliable estimate. Gardening professionals recommend an hourly rate for the employees for their work. Estimating the cost of the goods used can be relatively easy. Adding an hourly rate to that estimate can help create an invoice.

The terms & conditions and any scope of the work should be mentioned on the invoice. Credit and payment terms should also be included in the invoice.

Lawn care invoice is prepared when you are giving extra care to your lawn. This invoice makes you know about the amount of money which you have spent on the lawn and also the resources which you have utilized in caring for the lawn. The invoice includes some very important components without which it cannot be considered to be complete. Here are these steps.

  1. At the top of the invoice, the name of the business, and the company should be added. The address of the person with the phone number and the email address can also be given under the name of the company.
  2. The details related to the invoice are also mentioned at the top right corner. The details include the number of the invoice, the date on which the invoice has been prepared, the time period, for which the details are being recorded in the invoice and the date till which this invoice is valid.
  3. The services such as mowing, fertilizer, planting beds, etc. should be tracked and added to the invoice.
  4. The date at which each service was provided should be mentioned separately in separate columns.
  5. The amount of money which was spent on providing these services should also be written in front of each service in a separate column.
  6. The subtotal of all the money spent should be written at the end of the invoice.

Once you have designed the lawn care invoice template, you can use it every month or for any duration of the time period. It is also very good to add the signature at the end of the invoice. The addition of the signature at the end of the invoice proves the authentication of the invoice.


Lawn care invoice

Lawn Care Invoice Template

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