Labor Invoice

Working on an hourly basis has become the trend these days. It allows the workers to maintain a work-life balance rather than working on a contractual basis. Whatever the nature of work, maintaining records is very important. And invoices are the best way to keep a track of the transactions.

The employee/labor details should be mentioned on the invoice. It will be easy to know who the responsible person for the service provided is. The hourly rate should be decided prior to starting the work and the labor should be paid according to that hourly rate.

Labor invoice template is usually made to keep a close check and a track on work done by labor on an hourly or daily basis. Another use of this invoice is that the calculation of wages is made easy. The invoice possesses all information related to the work done by labor, for example, [time taken], the rate per hour and amount calculated etc. When the labor is done with assigned work all he has to do is fill the invoice and submit it to the contractor or the client he was serving. The information filled must be accurate and unbiased. It may include:

  • Date and invoice number
  • Details or description of work done
  • [Time taken] by the labor to complete his task
  • Quantity of work
  • Hourly rate decided
  • Total amount to pay, etc.


The labor might use some materials or spare parts during their work. These spare parts should be mentioned on the invoice. The invoice makes it easy to calculate the wages and any additional expenses incurred during the service. The details and the description of the work done should be mentioned in detail. The time taken to perform each task should also be described on the invoice.

The company details should be written on the invoice to provide a point of contact for the customers. The terms & conditions of work should be provided on the invoice. The scope of the work should also be defined and mentioned on the invoice so that both the parties can agree on it.

The mode of payment and any credit terms should be discussed and mentioned on the invoice. Any provisions regarding the labor laws should be made a part of the invoice. The customer should ensure safe and healthy work conditions for the labor.

To fulfill the requirements, all such companies that provide contractors uses the help of such invoices and keep an eye on labor’s working hours. The hourly rate decided and other details must be according to the labor laws followed by the country you are in otherwise you may get sued. The invoice may also contain some provisions from labor laws to be sure. Well, after the work is complete and it’s time to get pay it must be made sure that all the information filled is accurate, moreover, both parties (labor and contractor or individual) agree to the information provided.


Labor invoice


Labor Invoice Template

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