Hourly Services Invoice

Most of the companies in this age would hire people on hourly rates rather than full contracts. Hiring people can be easy especially when companies work in different shifts. People would work on the hours convenient for them and then get paid accordingly.

Keeping an hourly invoice helps the company and the employee to get paid for the hours worked. Hourly invoice helps to keep a track of the hours worked, any overtimes, hourly rates decided and the final payment. This invoice is not only used for the companies to pay the employees directly. Some companies provide services such as plumbers to their customers. In such cases, invoices can be used to pay the contractor working for the customer.

This invoice is typically used by organizations where employees or contractors work on hourly basis. They are then paid according to the hourly rates decided. To keep a record of all the hours an employee gives to the organization, this hourly services invoice works best. This invoice not only keeps a good track of hours worked but also calculates the pay an employee will receive according to the hours and rates decided.  In other cases, the company produces this invoice to keep a record of the contractor like electrician or plumber provided to any customer. This invoice may be provided to the customer for the track as well.


The invoice will have company’s name and logo on top and other details like area and invoice number etc. Moreover, the invoice is in form of printed paper with columns and rows on it to be filled. Some basic information required by this invoice is:

  • Name of the employee
  • Details of the employee
  • Description of work done
  • Check in and check out
  • Total hours worked
  • Rate per hour
  • Amount to pay, etc.


The invoice holds some details about the company and the employees such as the company address, contact details and any terms & conditions attached to the work and payment. An hourly service invoice mentions employee details such as the name and contact details of the employees. This helps to get the payment to the right employee. It also helps to track down the exact hours worked and making accurate payments.

The invoice also includes the details of the work done by the employee and any expenses incurred to get that work done. The expense on the invoice can help the employee claim the reimbursement. The most important thing on any invoice is the total hours worked along with the hourly rate. This makes it easy to calculate the payment.

Many employees are hired on an hourly basis all over the globe these days. To keep a track of the hours dedicated to the company by those employees must be recorded. In this changing world even most of the employees or handymen prefer to work on hourly basis. As soon as the task is completed by employee sends the details of his work to the company and after filling the invoice, payment is ready to make.


Hourly services invoice


Hourly Services Invoice Template

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