Floor Cleaning Invoice

We are all so busy in our daily work routine that we need help with our household chores. House requires a high maintenance for that we need to keep our house clean and safe at all times.

Raising revenue in a cleaning business can be quick and easy. And for maintaining the transparency of any work, invoices play an important role. Floor services can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis. So, an hourly rate can be decided. It can be a hard job to decide the price for the work, so it is better to give your client an estimate before the work is started. The terms & conditions, along with the estimated price can be written on the invoice. Reliable estimate of the labor cost and material can help to estimate the price for the services. The labor cost can be based on the hourly rate.

The overhead cost of the labor, materials and any additional cost can be calculated based on the past expenses. Adding on to a profit percentage will make it be a complete invoice.


The floor service provider can also offer credit terms to the customers. The invoice should clearly state the terms for credit and extend any credit payments.

  • Floor service is provided by a lot of small companies as well as private individuals.
  • Floor services can include the floor cleaning as well repairs and maintenance of the floor.
  • Floor services can be offered for commercial as well as consumer reasons. Household cleaning meant for consumer purpose requires fewer services such as carpet cleaning, washing the tiles and windows, which is less frequent. Commercial cleaning can be hectic and based on contracts.

Whether it is your residence, institution or a big business organization, the premises or infrastructure reflects your personality. A well-maintained building with clean environment attracts everyone towards you. You need to maintain the structure or building for other than cleaning purposes like to avoid any accident. The first thing in such category to ponder upon is the flooring of the building. If your floor is not well maintained then your building will never look good and the uneven or dirty floor invites health hazards for the occupants. To avoid such scenario you usually take the services of floor cleaners. These floor cleaning service providers maintain the floor by cleaning it and managing the problems associated.

There are many floor cleaning service providers who are ready to take the responsibility of cleaning your floor. They charge for the time or for the dimensions. Whatever is the deal it is mandatory to generate a floor cleaning invoice for such services. It will render a stress free dealing and you can save the record for future. A conventional printable invoice for use by a floor cleaning or resurfacing firm features a graphic logo representing the firm. The invoice features spaces to note quantity, unit, item, price, and other details. It is available in different spreadsheet format as on-line templates and you can easily create your invoice through such free templates and customize it with your specification.


Floor Cleaning Invoice


Floor Cleaning Services Invoice Template

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