Driver Services Invoice

Moving things from one place to another or from one city to another can be hectic. People have been seen to move from different cities for work and for a better lifestyle. Truck companies and truck drivers have been very actively working for moving house stuff for people.

The driver invoice is a receipt for the driver which states the travel history along with all the vehicle information. This invoice is helpful for the driver as he can keep a track of the journey he traveled to deliver the goods. This way, he can easily get his payment for the service provided.

Delivery and good shifting can be a risky task sometimes. The customer might complain about lost or damaged goods. In this case, the driver can use his invoice which clearly states the description and the quantity of the goods carried and delivered.


The invoice also states the rate at which the goods are being delivered along with the delivery date and timings. This helps the driver to keep up with the timeline. The delivery deal, stating the delivery time and payment, is already decided before the invoice is created. The invoice is a proof of the final deal. If the customer refuses later on, over the payment or any other term, the driver can use the invoice to defend himself.

The driver can use his invoice to claim for any additional expenses he incurred during the journey such as the road tax.

Drivers can also be used for various services other than moving houses. If we buy something big such as home furniture or electronics, even then we need the services of a driver and to pay them, we require them to present us with an invoice stating all the delivery terms.

Drivers operate vehicles like private cars or public trucks and buses; they even manage to drive the heavy tractor trailers. Drivers are the masters of highways and roads, they move according to the traffic laws, and be able to stay focused on the road while driving. Sometimes it’s a long journey whereas, they also commute short distances for simple deliveries.

Drivers are appointed by various genre like they are hired for residential services to pick and drop people from office, institutes or for general to and fro. However, organizations appoint expert drivers for many purposes. They have to drive heavy trucks loaded with goods, sometimes they take the staff for official purposes or to render pick and drop services and they are ordered to bring an official guest from the airport. These drivers are usually hired on a monthly salary, but those drivers who are associated with transportation services are hired on an hourly rate. The rate depends on the job and the experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for delivery truck drivers is $13.00/hour or $27,050 a year. Tractor-trailer drivers earn $18.16/hour or $37,770 a year. Bus drivers usually earn $14.02/hour or $29,160 a year, and taxi drivers’ income averages $10.79/hour or $22,440 a year.

Usually, in a commercial driver invoice, the rate per hour is mentioned. The vehicle model and number plate identity with the driver name is also mentioned. The account number, mileage and hours cover, gross and net amounts to be paid and fuel charges are all mentioned in a grid or tabular form with the company’s logo and contact. A valid invoice is ended with a signature of the receiver to avoid future conflicts.


Driver invoice


Driver Invoice Template

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