Commission Invoice

Commission Invoice

Commissions can be calculated via two documents: Sales Orders and commission Invoices. In both documents the commissions can be calculated per sales representative. Once the commission amount is calculated then a purchase invoice can be crafted easily. Since, after bookings, payment of commission is rendered through a commission invoice. It is a best motivator to pay on time. Through a commission invoice you can easily compute your Commission manually: every accounting system integrates reports of invoices usually for a month.

To request commission payment for finalizing the sale of any genre a commission invoice is very helpful. You can enter a specific commission rate percentage to calculate how much the broker should receive based on the sale price, and in such type of invoices it is crucial to mention whether the broker worked on behalf of the buyer or the seller.

The format of a commission invoice is just like other invoices displaying the purpose and the name of the concerned individuals and organization. A table format is printed mentioning the sale items, commission percentage and the selling price. The invoice is completed with the addressing of taxes, duties and a grand total at the bottom. A validated invoice number and the relevant dates are also clearly mentioned in the invoice. Some invoices also address the payment mode and terms to get save from future issues. You can design your company’s commission invoice easily through on-line free templates. Just download the required document, fill in your specifications and get it printed.



Commission Invoice


Commission Invoice Template

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