Cleaning Services Invoice

Cleaning is the chore function in the lifestyle, whether it is premises, accessories or even human being cleaning is necessary. Keeping such aspects in mind businessmen are generating good revenue by investing in diverse cleaning services they provide. It could be a large scale cleaning service like industrial cleaning or a simple domestic work, cleaning services need a proper scheme for rendering.

These cleaning services usually offer cleaning of floors, windows and other such elements at client’s premises. Labor, cleaning material and other equipment are required to complete the task therefore a consolidated inventory should be managed to deliver a stress free service. Cleaning business requires every element as for other services.

A cleaning service invoice starts entitles the service provider or company name. A catchy slogan will add meaning and professionalism to the invoice of the company. The name, the contact details and office address with rates and sub total is printed on the cleaning invoice sheet. A customer number or invoice number will provide accessibility and record for the future use. The customer info reflects that whether it is a domestic service client or an industrialist.


The service details and charges is the mandatory section in the invoice for the services provided. A list of rendered services availed by the customer with relevant details are enlisted. The invoice also includes the labor or service charges, transport charges of any equipment, cost of cleaning materials and chemicals etc. The invoice usually entails a stamp or verification signatures by authorized bodies.

  • Cleaning service invoice is used to requests clients to pay for house, office or any other professional cleaning services. It includes all the payment of any kind of cleaning service provided by the company. It can be one time cleaning or it can be daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Cleaning service invoice is used by people who take contracts of cleaning jobs as part time business and it is also used by the ones who run business of house cleaning only.
  • The invoice is used to provide the important details such as company’s name, date of the invoice, contact information of the company and the client. It also provides information about the services provided along with the charges.
  • The invoice also shows the taxes or any additional charges that may be included and the subtotal. This information is required by the client.
  • The invoice must include the address of the company and the client. It should provides information that is required by the client such as rate of the service provided, hours and date at which the service was provided.
  • Clients ask for invoices after they pay for the services provided. They use invoice because its a professional representation of billing and it’s the best way to get paid for the services and products they are providing.
  • Invoice serves as a professional document that is used by companies and freelancers to charge their clients. The invoice helps to remove any confusion or misunderstanding between the two parties involved.


Cleaning services invoice


Cleaning Services Invoice Template

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