Sales Invoice Template

Sales invoice

A sales invoice is an invoice that is presented by any company, shop or any other such institution while selling the product or service. This is to keep a record of what has been sold and on what prices they have been sold to the customers. This invoice helps the institution in determining their stock while helps the customer in knowing what has he purchased and what amount has he paid for the purchases. This is a useful document for both of the parties. The basic purpose of any sales…

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VAT Invoice Template

VAT invoice

In making business transactions, we all need an invoice to claim the VAT we paid for. A VAT invoice includes all the details of the purchases made and services provided. VAT is a very useful component for the companies as the taxes can be recovered from such companies. Businesses exceeding a certain limit of revenue have to register for VAT. Not doing so can result in non-compliance to the government. Businesses voluntarily register for VAT even when they do not have to. It will get them a benefit of not…

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